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Ballet Beautiful Vids

Mary Helen Bowers

Mary Helen Bowers

Here are some videos to those people who are interested in what it is I’m doing practically 5-7 days a week multiple times a day that has given me brand new motivation in my fitness life.  Yes, I still perform some strength-training, but it’s not a focus since my goals and mental capacity have changed – and by mental capacity I mean Post-Traumatic Growth.

Aside from the PTG my body goals have changed – you see I’m not a size 0 trying to bulk or add muscle on my frame.  I’m more of a size 12-14 with muscle on my frame.  So, I don’t need to gain anymore size or muscle or eat at a surplus.  The truth is I need to come down past a point I’m comfortable with because bigorexia can’t continue to take control of my life.  I can’t keep holding onto a complex that came from childhood.  I’m moving forward because the only way to grow and to find out who you are is by stepping out of your comfort zone as many times as you can in your lifetime – and not just when you feel like it.  Lately, it seems I’m not scared of anything and I’m more ready than I’ve ever been to step out of who I used to be.

I do have Ballet Beautiful to thank (aside from horrible recent experiences that caused me to stretch myself) because it’s given me a fresh new start to everything regarding fitness especially in terms of being flexible in the way I approach my training.  This is what I need because I’ll continue to perform the same type of mental conditioning I’ve always been because I’m set in those ways when it comes to weightlifting.  Now I have a new outlet, a whole new method that will make my mind, body and spirit better than before, so when I do go back to weightlifting full-time I’m a much different, smarter and healthier machine than what I even thought possible.

Ballet Beautiful 1 (Butt) – Super challenging exercise.  Imagine what it’s like to go through an entire butt series that’s extremely localized for practically 15 minutes with a 5 second stretch in the middle of the first sequence of exercises.  I don’t lessen my standards or my character or my fitness – and I take this attitude across the board in my life.  However, I do recommend that people have a good foundation when it comes to fitness because these ballet-inspired movements aren’t a walk in the park.  They will tax you for everything you have.

Ballet Beautiful 2 (Arms) – Everything looks simple until you try it.  Being I’ve been a weightlifter all my life, that was the only thing I’ve ever known.  To learn new rules and techniques prove super difficult, but it further stretches my mind, body and spirit.  I welcome my own guts and determination.  I also thrive in this kind of challenge.

Ballet Beautiful 3 (Cardio) – Building new muscles that most average people don’t have is one thing that motivates my fire to keep pushing myself further.  Coordination has never been my strong suit and it takes me a couple of times to get some movements down, but it’s worth it – I can almost sense my brain expanding all around me to work in newer ways.  Of course this allows me to adore life to the fullest.

Try out Ballet Beautiful!

Happy Training! 😉

-Ms. Hall

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