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Open Canvas 2


Open Canvas 

I must say I’ve been learning a hell of a lot lately.  For instance, I know a few ballet terminologies.  I’m not sure how far I’ll go with the ballet-inspired workouts, but one thing is for sure:  I love floor-barre work!  It makes me feel amazingly strong, deep, from my lungs to my goddamn bones.

What I like about floor barre work is obviously training on the floor.  Two:  The core needs to be solid.  Three:  Gravity can be a tricky thing.  Four:  Its super challenging.   Five: It seems like old nagging injuries haven’t been nagging me at the moment – almost as if it’s fixed.  Six:  I can be better flexible (at times) on the ground than I am standing.  Seven:  I build a different type of strength.  Eight:  Body alignment.

Everything is harder on the ground.

I’ve been learning more.  I’ve always had mind-muscle connection, but now I have a higher sense of body awareness.  I no longer pick things up and put them down to contract and build muscle.  I move through space, take advantage of motion – by no means just lift with a single goal anymore – but bend, stretch, flex and extend my muscles with multipurpose.  I’m learning the importance of elongating.

I also had/have learned how to switch things up like modifying certain exercises because certain arm movements like Swan Arms for instance –> my traps would remain contracted especially around the top because this is what I taught it to do for 13 years.

So I had to consciously yell and tell my traps to relax while I moved my arms and shoulders into all sorts of circles and angles in order to make sure the correct muscles were working and tell the dominating ones to fuck off, as well as achieve other proper motions and standards like keeping my neck long, lifting my posture from my chest while keeping the shoulder blades down and back as I pull in and engage through the center.


I’ve also learned how to stretch daily even if it’s just 10 minutes a day.  Back then, I used to abuse myself with hour long stretches because I thought that would be better for me.  More doesn’t equate better.  Anyhow, I’m pliable, somewhat putty now because I know how it feels like to play and move my muscles out of a stretch.  I take a very active role with my stretches by twisting, tweaking and pulsing within them.  I can rotate my hips forward and backward in certain stretches which I never thought I’d be able to do.

It’s amazing how much can change over the course of a year.  Now I’ve added more circuit training and HIIT workouts on top of Ballet Beautiful.  Perhaps I can write about how this experience has been treating me soon?

Happy Training!

-Ms. Hall


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