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Crossfit Weekend


Previously written with new revision.


I watched the Crossfit Games solo.

I always wanted to watch the Crossfit Games from start to finish for years, but I was typically working like a horse and never making time for certain things I wanted.  Thankfully, this year my schedule wasn’t conflicted, so I took full advantage.

The Crossfit Weekend was super fun for me.  It was fun although I must say I was alone and would’ve preferred my partner (or anyone who appreciates fitness) to stick by his words when he claimed, “I’m going to watch the Games with you.”  But, he didn’t.

I guess he wasn’t interested in watching super fit people train live (which is what Crossfit is aside from seeing who are some of the fittest people in the world are) or in taking advantage of a cool bonding experience.  Either way he lucked out.  So, I took to Twitter (and Facebook) as I usually do for certain events and made light out of the situation on my own like I’ve done many times before.  No biggie.

I found myself enthralled by all these super athletes in the same way I’m enthralled by bodybuilders (Mr. Olympia) and all kinds of fitness enthusiasts (remember American Gladiators?).  Six years ago I used to do Crossfit with a certified Crossfit trainer and during that time I had a deeper appreciation and connection for it.  I still do.  Its fitness related, so it’s dear to my heart.

Whenever I was able to see some of the Crossfit Games throughout the years, I’d take advantage like this one time at a TGIF establishment.  However, this time around I started to get really familiar with Crossfit by watching the documentary that’s (still) out on Netflix:  The Fittest on Earth.  I learned quickly about the athletes personalities, how they train, where they live, how they eat, who’s popular and who’s not.

I learned who I liked and who I disliked.  I learned about the Crossfit communities and the camaraderie that comes with it.  I went further and learned about the older and newer Crossfit events (like the Peg Board and Pig) as well as some terminologies like TBA and EMOTM.  Go Google it!

I took in more than an entire weekend of motivation.  I climbed to a natural high just by soaking everything in.  Earlier today I let loose on a 21-15-9 workout with Air Squats and Push ups.  Last night I just wanted to take on 2 exercises and go for 10 rounds per exercise as quickly as I could get through it because of the inspiration I was receiving from watching the Games.

So the Crossfitters I like are:  Tia-Clair Toomey, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Brooke Wells, Brooke Ence, Kara Webb, and Annie Thorisdottir.  In the past I like Julie Foucher.  The Men: Matt Fraser, Josh Bridges, Jacob Heppner and Dan Bailey.

I think subconsciously this became the weekend that led me to split up some of my training between Ballet Beautiful and Strength Training further.  I wind up delving into HIIT work as well as Circuit Training on a furious level.

I started to enjoy the challenge of trying to grasp for air yet learn how to control my out-of-control breath.  Then my metabolism surged overnight, which is what I needed for additional fat loss.  In the process I dropped over 17lbs since I split up my training.

At any rate, I can’t wait for the Crossfit Games in 2017!

-Ms. Hall


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3 thoughts on “Crossfit Weekend

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  2. Finally we disagree on something. Rare, I know.

    Fuck CrossFit. Fuck them with all the fuck you can possibly fuck something with. If it’s possible to fuck them with more fuck than that, then that’s how much you can fuck them.



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